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Latest news and updates

Development News: Someday on AAO is Here!

Someday on AAO is Here!

Two major announcements today.

1. Changes to AAO development cycle

It's no secret that AAO development has been stagnant. Time for that to change! Unas has recently made some behind-the-scenes changes that mean development can move forward! The highlights are as follows:
  • Enthalpy can now accept changes to the website, and when they are ready, send them to Unas to put them on to the site
  • Enthalpy can now make changes to music, sprites, ect.
  • Enthalpy is joined by kwando1313 and ThePasch, working on changes and reviewing others' changes
  • It's now possible to "test" changes to AAO before they go live

If you're interested in more technical details, see the topic in the Developer's Corner. We hope that forum will be more active soon. If you're interested in contributing, we'd love to see you there!

2. Changes to AAO server

It's no secret either that, since AAO was forced to move to a new server a year ago, the ride hasn't been extremely smooth, with regular unrecoverable crashes that left the site down until Unas was able to issue a manual restart action.
After a year spent trying to investigate the issue and tweak settings with little to no effect, Unas has decided this June to take measures against that.

Since even the latest attempt to fend off the issue, by setting up an additional server mid-June to absorb part of the load, has failed to prevent crashes from occurring, Unas suspects some kind of hardware fault and a full move to a different server is required to try to get away from it.
The new server was chosen and installed last night. It will in theory offer more performance (with twice the amount of RAM and thrice the CPU cores), even though part of this power is shared - as it is also a virtualised environment (instead of the current server which is a fully dedicated machine).

The move of AAO data should take place tonight or tomorrow (ie some time between June 29th 8 PM CEST and June 30th 6PM CEST).
During the actual move, which should last for around two hours (more or less), AAO will be unavailable. But with that we hope to get a more stable environment for the Game Jam in July !

Community News: Game Jam!

Community News
Game Jam!

Are AAO's own competitions not big enough for you, or have you needed an extra push to develop a game you have in the works? Well, we have something for you! As part of a collaboration between AAO, Court Records, and the AA Discord server, there is a game jam starting on July 1st. A game jam works much like a massive case competition, but without competition - there's no need to keep entries secret, you can work with multiple entries, and no such thing as winning and losing. Just come up with an idea, make it, and enter it.

Most of the activities will be on a Discord channel for it. Be warned that as the channel is moderated by non-AAO staff, AAO content rules are not enforced here.

I'll be entering, and I hope to see you entering as well!