Case rules (last updated 2011-05-19)

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Case rules (last updated 2011-05-19) 

Message par Unas » Ven Août 27, 2010 5:31 pm

Case rules

These rules apply to all cases created using Ace Attorney Online.

  • You must not post content that is not suitable for a young audience, including strong sexual references.
  • You must not use swear words.
    • You may use "light" swear words, but you should not overuse them.
  • You must not recreate episodes from the official Ace Attorney games.
  • You must not copy other members' cases.
  • Administrators cannot be held responsible for the failure of any parts of the website. However, it is appreciated if these faults can be posted in the Bug reports forum.
  • Every member is responsible for the content of their own cases. The administrators and moderators cannot be held responsible for any hurtful or illegal content within cases. However, they reserve the right to delete or edit any cases they would not agree with and will take into account every complaint against a member or a case; they will, however, remain the only judges of the measures to be taken.
  • Every case posted on this site is the combined property of its author and the administrators. The administrators thus have the right to edit, copy and delete any case. However, it is forbidden for other members to copy, translate or re-use in any way a case without its author's or an administrator's consent.
These rules can change at any time, if they prove to be incomplete.
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