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Re: Google Chrome and Firefox 

Message par Exedeb » Mar Août 21, 2018 8:48 pm

Enthalpy a écrit :What do you mean by "they don't correctly"? Do the images that don't work stay the same? Do some images work only some of the time? Do the images that don't work change each time? Is this the same problem with the .gif starting late? Are these the same .gifs you had problems with before, or new ones?

I need much more information on this.

Hi. I know, it's been a while and I never continued this topic, but after what I'm doing with a secondary project, I wanted to reopen the discussion, and maybe give the feedback for a possible solution.
Maybe with a better English, as well. Maybe.

The issue didn't change, and I tried with both new and old elements. With Google Chrome, if you load a popup or a pre-animation in gif the first time, the case player loads it perfectly.
But if you load the same popup/pre-animation a second time (or more), the case player loads only the last frame of the gif.

For example, if you have a gif of 7 frames, the first time the player reads all the 7 frames.
If you play the gif another time, it only reads the frame n.7.

I want to note that this issue happens if the gif is set to "repeat only once".
If the gif is set to be "loopable", then there is another issue, which is the synchronization.
In Firefox the gif gets a "reset" of the frames. So each time you play a gif, it starts from the first frame, loopable or not.
In Chrome, however, the player starts the gif from the last frame the player loaded the gif.

For example, if you have the same gif of 7 frames set in "loopable", and each frame shows up after 0,1 second, but in the editor mode you set the "Wait for" as "800" milliseconds, then the player mode reads not 7 but 8 frames, because the gif is set to "loopable", so it's obvious that it reads the first frame of the gif again, too. And I think this is pretty normal.

But if you load the same script (or another identical script) with the same gif, with a "Wait for" of "800" milliseconds, then the gif will start with the second frame, because previously the gif stopped with the first frame. So it's like if there was a delay of time.

If you need more information I'll provide a video, or just ask me out.
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Re: Google Chrome and Firefox 

Message par Enthalpy » Sam Nov 17, 2018 2:49 am

Thanks for the update, and sorry for my late reply.

I'm currently trying to figure out what improvements to AAO to prioritize. I'll have a better idea in a few days. A more detailed investigation will probably be high on the list, so stay tuned.
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