Ace Attorney x Danganronpa - Chapter 01

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Ace Attorney x Danganronpa - Chapter 01 

Message par ThatDanganronpaFan » Ven Avr 21, 2017 12:14 pm

Credits in End


^Note: Not In-Game Image, but it's made by me^

Current Frame Count: 395

Spoiler : :
Yes, I know. It's the playtest
Debug Version (To Report Bugs)

Progress Made

Character Introductions: 5/17 (Including Monokuma)

Locations: Completed

Class Trial: Not Started

Evidence: 10% Completed

Spoiler : Walkthrough (According to the Playtest) :
[Exploration Start]
- Go to Mysterious Hallway (#2)
- Press "Examine"
- Select the closest Door on the left
- After talking with Aoi, move to Cargo Room - Staircase
- You can select to either immediately continue through the stairs, or examine the place. (I added an Easter Egg in this Location)
You can start logic with any of the 2 pieces


Spoiler : Location/Background Credits :
Mysterious Hallway/Cargo Room/Locker Room/Power Room: Zero Escape
Murder Scene: by my DeviantArt Account

Spoiler : Music Credits :
All Danganronpa/SDR2 Music by This Site

Spoiler : Sound Credits :
"Eureka!" sound by Spongesonic IN COURT
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Re: Ace Attorney x Danganronpa - Chapter 01 

Message par DWaM » Ven Avr 21, 2017 11:42 pm

Nobody can actually play what's there so far as long as the trial's marked as unfinished, so putting in a walkthrough is a bit pointless. Also, shouldn't this have been a part of the original topic?
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Re: Ace Attorney x Danganronpa - Chapter 01 

Message par Enthalpy » Sam Avr 22, 2017 4:40 am

DWaM is right. Please stick to your current topic and just edit the first post there and make a new post there announcing your progress. That said, you may want to wait a bit until you have something more complete. Debugging is usually done by the author, not players.
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