[T] Turnabout Apprentice ●

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[T] Turnabout Apprentice ● 

Postby AceJakkidFan » Tue Sep 17, 2019 10:50 pm

Click the above image to play

It's been several weeks since Storm Sente last stood in court, but just as he's starting to relax, his friend gets accused of murdering a policeman in his office. With the world of law still shaken by a recent disaster, the call to duty cannot be ignored.
Roughly 2 hours long. Knowledge of the demo for Acquittal: Induction is not required.

Spoiler : :
Image Image Image

Spoiler : :
Story by Ana, based on Acquittal: Induction by Procella Games.

Courtroom backgrounds by Badriel and ExitMothership
George sprites are from Umineko, all others are from Acquittal: Induction (drawn by DaphInteresting)

Storm: Austin Lee Matthews
Donovan: David Dixon
Lawrence: Corey Holland

Investigation ~ Opening --- Straight Chaser (Last Window)
Logic ~ Deep Thought --- Dead Angle (Umineko)
Reminiscence ~ The Golden Days --- Violet Sky (Last Window)
All other non-AA music by Caleb Cuzner and Sherrick Wiegel.

Spoiler : :
Talk to Lawrence

-Outside Power's Office
Examine the rack next to the door
'Take one' OR 'Take two'
Move to Offices Corridor

-Offices Corridor
Examine the painting
Select anything
Examine the right-most door

-Power's Office
Examine the corpse
Examine either window

OPTIONAL: Examine the book on the left side of the screen to enable Japanese Mode. (Characters will shout interjections in Japanese.)
Move to Outside Power's Office > Power's Office

-Power's Office
Talk to Lizzy
Examine the briefcase
Examine the files on the desk

-Outside Power's Office
Move to Offices Corridor

-Offices Corridor
Examine the spot where the painting was
Move to Outside Power's Office > Interrogation Room

-Interrogation Room
Talk to Richard
Present the Blank Wall

Testimony 1: Initial Investigation
Press Statement 5
'Something's missing'
Present the Missing Case Files
'There's a contradiction'
Present the Office Key

Testimony 2: Shady Movements
Present the Security Footage on Statement 1

Testimony 3: Shady Movements (2)
Press Statement 3
Present the Autopsy Report on the new statement

Testimony 4: What I Really Saw
Press Statement 4
Super Present the Station Guidemap and Autopsy Report on the new statement
'George's position'
Point to the hallway left of the victim
Present the Missing Painting
'Hear Donovan out' (OPTIONAL: Select 'Go home' for the bad ending.)

Testimony 5: Run Away!!
Present Lawrence's profile on Statement 6

Testimony 6: Discovering the Crime Scene
Present the Security Footage on Statement 2
Present Storm or Richard's profile
Point to Power's Office
'Disguised as the victim'
Present Richard's Testimony
Point to either window
Present the Briefcase
Press the new statement

Testimony Analysis:
'Outside Power's Office'
'Case Files'
'He didn't have time'
'Sente Law Firm'
Image Image Image Image Image
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Re: [T] Turnabout Apprentice ● 

Postby Southern Corn » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:48 am

Epic case, this gives me adrenaline 24/7 I recommend it
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