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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par Larsen85 » Ven Jan 10, 2014 2:51 pm

Apparently, I have never had a chance to listen to Muse properly and haven't a certain idea of this band, but it all changed a couple of weeks ago after watching their Rome Olympic Stadium live show. Now they are my #1
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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par Mimi » Ven Jan 24, 2014 1:25 pm

I like Muse. :) The lyrics to their songs are nice to sing to.

I usually only listen to one song at a time and replay it until I can't stand it anymore. So far, I'm on Umineko... and I haven't moved in in like years.

Akiko Shikata is the best~~ She has such a divine, out-of-the-worldly, ephemeral voice. And just the instruments of her songs... I LOVE IT! :D I love those kind of songs.

Oh, and zts's stuff will NEVER BE OLD. :) Currently, I'm listening to some stuff zts did for other games... particularly, "a farce."

But like Lind, I don't really listen to new stuff anymore. I don't turn on my radio except to the classical station in my area because I can't stand listening to anything else (or advertisements omg i hate advertismentsssssss).
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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par .Saboteur » Jeu Fév 13, 2014 12:01 am

I like a really wide variety of stuff, but lately I've been listening to a lot of modern garage rock (Strokes, White Stripes, Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys...) and 80s and 90s alt music (R.E.M., Pixies, Sonic Youth, Talking Heads, Nirvana, Pearl Jam). I've been on kind of a Bob Dylan kick to boot.

Again, though, I can enjoy most anything if it's good. Classic rock, electronica, bluegrass, soul, punk (some... still a genre I'm getting into. 70s and early 80s stuff I find loads better than, say, Sublime or the Offspring)... all of that finds some kind of space in my Pandora playlist, normally. Just any kind of good, relatively spare rock music (I'm usually not a fan of really overdone/loud production) is probably always what I'll like best, though.

Oh, and the Beatles. I could listen to the Beatles forever. :P

Also, for my own two cents on the whole conversation from earlier about modern pop and rap music, it's not so much the music that bothers me sometimes (though that is the case a lot of the time :|), but rather that almost everything is just manufactured by producers and A&R guys to be popular instead of actually crafted and recorded by someone who cares about what they're doing for music's sake. Pop music just sounds totally soulless to me a lot of the time.
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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par Acid Rain » Dim Fév 16, 2014 7:41 pm

Does anyone here listen to Tool/Puscifer/A Perfect Circle/whatever else Maynard James Keenen is in? I do, and for those you who don't, Keenen (the singer) is "kooky" to put it lightly. They are all very good bands, but everything (Tool in particular) is super...abstract, I guess?

Point is they're frickin' weird.

Metaphors so deep they aren't actually metaphors, just to troll their fanbase;Keenen squeezing his cat and slowing the sound way down to make a 1:25 minute track; and long, emotion, tragic songs about his paralyzed mother. Another thing to point out is that if one their "songs" last any more than a minute and a half, then you'll probably be listening for another nine minutes.

As a little game, listen to this song, don't read any of the comments, and try to figure out what the song is about.


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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par Koda » Mar Nov 25, 2014 8:03 am

year starting to come to a close, time to start working on those top 10 albums of 2014 lists

so far my top four are basically solidified:
To Be Kind - Swans
Pom Pom - Ariel Pink
Home, Like Noplace is There - The Hotelier
Benji - Sun Kil Moon

rooms of the house, you're dead!, st vincent, a u r o r a, [Censored. Please be polite...] off get free we pour light on everything, too bright, our love, plowing into the fields of love, LP1, familiars are a few that could round out the bottom six spots. 2014 was really up and down for me, some really good spurts but also a few months where nothing managed to grab my interest
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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par Lind » Dim Août 16, 2015 12:51 am


My Top 10 for 2014 is:

10. Various Artists - Space★Dandy O.S.T. 1: ベストヒット BBP
9. Mastodon - One More 'Round the Sun
8. Flying Lotus - You're Dead!
7. Weezer - Everything Will Be Alright in the End
6. Shellac - Dude Incredible
5. D'Angelo and the Vanguard - Black Messiah
4. St. Vincent - St. Vincent
3. Yoko Kanno - Zankyou no Terror OST
2. Mac DeMarco - Salad Days
1. Kairon; IRSE! - Ujubasajuba
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Re: The Music Topic 

Message par energizerspark » Dim Août 16, 2015 1:17 am

I'm not a super musical person, but...
Mike Oldfield is quickly becoming one of my favourite musicians. Tubular Bells is a classic, and I'd also recommend Light + Shade, Music of the Spheres, and Man on the Rocks.
I've also been listening to some Pink Floyd also finally got round to listening to Dark Side of the Moon. I still need to get around to listening to The Wall.
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