Headcanon Voices and Dream Casts

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Headcanon Voices and Dream Casts

Post by gotMLK7 »

For my fellow fans of voice actors and casts! Ever have a character or even a whole cast of characters that you assigned voices for? Whether it's characters who are silent or have no dubbed voices or the like, this thread is for you to post anything related to the voices in your head and who they are.

I'm putting this in General Chatting because it encompasses basically every subforum and it's easier to put it here than to make a thread in every single one of those. So if you have headcanon voices or dream voice casts for RP characters, video games, television shows, anime, manga, webcomics, books, AAO trials, whatever! Feel free to post them here. Or if you don't know voice actors or such but want somebody to try and cast them, feel free to ask and maybe someone will take the request!

I'll start off with a thematic one! Anyone who follows me on ask.fm knows I have like dozens of these which I will spam at you all later, but for now, here's my personal cast list for the Ace Attorney franchise, for the five main-series games and the AAI games. Note that since I tried to stick as closely to a certain pool of VAs as possible there's repeat actors in there but it's a big frickin' cast sooo.
Spoiler : Ace Attorney Cast :
Phoenix Wright: Sam Riegel
Miles Edgeworth: Kyle Hebert
Maya Fey: Cassandra Lee Morris
Mia Fey: Tara Platt
Winston Payne: Chuck Huber
The Judge: Dave B. Mitchell
Dick Gumshoe: Kirk Thornton
Larry Butz: Benjamin Diskin
Frank Sahwit: Derek Stephen Prince
Redd White: Travis Willingham
April May: Stephanie Sheh
Marvin Grossberg: Doug Stone
Bellboy: Michael Sinterniklaas
Sal Manella: Kaiji Tang
Wendy Oldbag: Monica Rial
Will Powers: Patrick Seitz
Cody Hackins: Mona Marshall
Penny Nichols: Cindy Robinson
Dee Vasquez: Rachel Robinson
Manfred von Karma: Paul St. Peter
Lotta Hart: Julie Ann Taylor
Yanny Yogi: Michael Sorich
Ema Skye: Laura Bailey
Lana Skye: Trina Nishimura
Mike Meekins: Spike Spencer
Damon Gant: Richard Epcar
Jake Marshall: Steve Kramer
Angel Starr: Karen Strassman

Pearl Fey: Monica Rial
Franziska von Karma: Lauren Landa
Maggey Byrde: Kate Higgins
Richard Wellington: Josh Grelle
Director Hotti: Chris Cason
Morgan Fey: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Ini Miney: Erin Fitzgerald
Turner Grey: Steve Staley
Acro: Keith Silverstein
Regina Berry: Mela Lee
Max Galactica: Doug Erholtz
Moe: Brian Beacock
Benjamin Woodman: Christopher Corey Smith
Adrian Andrews: Carrie Keranean
Shelly de Killer: Daniel Woren
Matt Engarde: Todd Haberkorn

Godot: Jamieson Price
Dahlia Hawthorne: Kira Buckland
Judge's Brother: DC Douglas
Luke Atmey: Derek Stephen Prince
Desiree DeLite: Amanda Celine Miller
Ron DeLite: Lucien Dodge
Viola Cadaverini: Philece Sampler
Lisa Basil: Michelle Ruff
Jean Armtrong: Kaiji Tang
Victor Kudo: Dave Mallow
Furio Tigre: Sam Riegel
Terry Fawles: Chris Tergliafera
Misty Fey: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Bikini: Julie Ann Taylor
Iris: Kira Buckland

Apollo Justice: Orion Acaba
Trucy Wright: Cristina Vee
Klavier Gavin: Yuri Lowenthal
Kristoph Gavin: Liam O'Brien
Olga Orly: Melissa Fahn
Guy Eldoon: R. Bruce Elliot
Plum Kitaki: Rachel Robinson
Winfred Kitaki: Richard Epcar
Wocky Kitaki: Bryce Papenbrook
Wesley Stickler: Steve Staley
Alita Tiala: Karen Strassman
Valant Gramayre: David Vincent
Lamiroir: Cindy Robinson
Daryan Crescend: Grant George
Romein LeTouse: Michael McConnohie
Machi Tobaye: Lucien Dodge
Spark Brushel: Brian Beacock
Drew Misham: Dave Mallow
Vera Misham: Michelle Ruff
Zak Gramayre: Patrick Seitz

Kay Faraday: Eden Riegel
Shi-Long Lang: Christopher Corey Smith
Shih-na: Laura Post
Tyrell Badd: Steve Blum
Jacques Portsman: Vic Mignogna
Zinc Lablanc: Tom Fahn
Cammy Meele: Wendee Lee
Rhoda Teneiro: Tara Platt
Ernest Amano: Daniel Woren
Lance Amano: Todd Haberkorn
Lauren Paups: Stephanie Sheh
Quercus Alba: Steve Kramer
Colias Palaeno: Matthew Mercer

Hakari Mikagami: Dorothy Fahn
Yumihiko Ichiyanagi: Todd Haberkorn
Tateyuki Shigaraki: Tony Oliver
Teikun Ou: Chris Tergliafera
Manosuke Naitou: Keith Silverstein
Mikiko Hayami: Jessica Calvello
Souta Sarushiro: Johnny Yong Bosch
Shuuji Orinaka: Patrick Seitz
Marie Miwa: Erica Lindbeck
Ryouken Houinbou: Doug Stone
Issei Tenkai: Lex Lang
Tsukasa Oyashiki: Caitlin Glass
Yutaka Kazami: Richard Epcar
Delicy Scone: Natalie Hoover
Otome Itami: Barbara Goodson
Touko Mutou: Cherami Leigh
Bansai Ichiyanagi: Steve Kramer
Shimon Aizawa: Spike Spencer

Athena Cykes: Wendee Lee
Simon Blackquill: Troy Baker
Bobby Fulbright: Dave B. Mitchell
Gaspen Payne: Chuck Huber
Juniper Woods: Brina Palencia
Ted Tonate: Robbie Daymond
Jinxie Tenma: Bridget Hoffman
Damian Tenma: Beau Billingslea
Phineas Filtch: Doug Stone
Florent L'Belle: Doug Erholtz
Aristotle Means: Douglas Rye
Hugh O'Conner: Steve Staley
Robin Newman: Erica Mendez
Myriam Scuttlebutt: Sarah Anne Williams
Solomon Starbuck: Roger Craig Smith
Yuri Cosmos: Michael McConnohie
Aura Blackquill: Caitlin Glass
Ponco: Carrie Savage
Clonco: Carrie Savage
Sasha Buckler: Kari Wahlgren
Norma DePlume: Cindy Robinson
Marlon Rimes: Chris Jai Alex
Herman Crab: Steve Blum
I've been posting these lists on ask.fm for months and never once thought to just make a thread wtf brain
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Re: Headcanon Voices and Dream Casts

Post by Kroki »

T-that's a long list.

I do all my voices. I guess I reuse some of them though. :bluetruth:
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Re: Headcanon Voices and Dream Casts

Post by gotMLK7 »

Ace Attorney Headcanon VA Demo Reel

A compilation of audio clips from different voice actors that I'd cast for the main characters in the Ace Attorney series. Official VAs from DD kept if I know them. Enjoy that.

Also, may as well post this here, too:
Justice Riders Headcanon VA Demo Reel (Part 1)
Hersh/Fiendy has credit for the amazing GiGi pics and enigma has credit for the adorable Kenshin Mega Man sprite!

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Re: Headcanon Voices and Dream Casts

Post by TheDoctor »

Not exactly my headcanon voices, but if FUNimation were to dub the series, here's who I'd go with... (note: although it's not uncommon for voice actors to play multiple roles, I tried to keep it to one role per actor)

Debuted in 1-1:
Phoenix Wright: Aaron Dismuke
Mia Fey: Caitlin Glass
Larry Butz: Todd Haberkorn
Winston Payne: Greg Ayers
The Judge: Cole Brown
Frank Sawhit: Chuck Huber

Debuted in 1-2:
Maya Fey: Felecia Angelle
Redd White: Travis Willingham
April May: Jamie Marchi
Dick Gumshoe: Patrick Seitz
Marvin Grossberg: Kyle Hebert
Miles Edgeworth: Josh Grelle
Bellboy: Robert McCollum

Debuted in 1-3:
Will Powers: Christopher Sabat
Penny Nichols: Brittney Karbowski
Wendy Oldbag: Juli Erickson
Sal Manella: Tyson Rinehart
Cody Hackins: Maxey Whitehead
Dee Vasquez: Stephanie Young

Debuted in 1-4:
Lotta Hart: Gwendolyn Lau
Manfred von Karma: Ed Blaylock
Old Man: R. Bruce Elliot

Debuted in 1-5:
Ema Skye: Brina Palencia
Lana Skye: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Mike Meekins: Bryce Papenbrook
Angel Starr: Christine Auten
Jake Marshall: Austin Tindle
Damon Gant: Kent Williams

Debuted in 2-1:
Maggey Byrde: Ashly Burch
Richard Wellington: Jason Liebrecht

Debuted in 2-2:
Turner Grey: Sonny Strait
Morgan Fey: Rachel Robinson
Ini Miney: Cherami Leigh
Pearl Fey: Monica Rial
Franziska von Karma: Trina Nishimura
Dr. Hotti: Jerry Jewell

Debuted in 2-3:
Maximillion Galactica: Eric Vale
Regina Berry: Jad Saxton
Moe: John Swasey
Ben and Trilo: Chris Cason
Acro: Christopher Bevins

Debuted in 2-4:
Matt Engarde: Vic Mignogna
Adrian Andrews: Jessica Cavanagh
Shelly de Killer: Barry Yandell

(and just because I already have voices picked out for them...)
Debuted in 4-1:
Apollo Justice: Micah Solusod
Kristoph Gavin: J. Michael Tatum
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