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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by Sanji »

Meph...can you do a video explaining how use the investigation scene?
I´m not talk english very well becuse i´m spanish :oops: , but I use the google traductor and I hope you understand.
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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by Meph »

I don't have many opportunities to make these videos. I may do after AAO6 is released.
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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by Semper Solus »

I'm a little confused by the tutorial.
At around the 8:25 mark, you say that the number you put in the "pause" tag is the number of milliseconds the pause lasts, and you give a number and calculation to back it up.


Whenever I try to type in, say, [#p100] in the v6 beta, it pauses for a full second, not a tenth of one.
I think it's measured in centiseconds, like v5.
(unless i did something weird)
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Re: Video Tutorials

Post by Unas »

That's because of the "p". V6 does not use "p" anymore, it's only there for backwards compatibility with V5 tags and multiplies the value by 10 to match the V5 time unit.
So "[#100]" means 0.1s pause; "[#p100]" means "0.1*10=1s pause".

In short, just don't use the "p" in new trials ;-)
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